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Nude With Octopus Woman and Tentacles Woman and OctopusI finally got around to shooting this concept again, as there was more I wanted to do with it, and things I learned last time that I wanted  to apply to a second try.

It’s a real octopus dyed with hair dye, and a real nude woman in the form of Erika Moen.

Octopus wrangling provided by my husband Phillip.

This is my second version of this idea, the first (shot in 2009) has been floating all over the internet for a while, usually uncredited. You can see the whole original collection here.

Here’s a behind the scenes peek for the curious.

I will have these for sale in my Etsy shop soonish.

The title for the series is from an H.P. Lovecraft story. The story itself is about a man who gets a little too consumed by the possible mysteries of the sea and, of course, goes a little nutty. You can read it HERE.