Book Covers

People often wonder how I generate income with my photography. Aside from occasional print sales and random strangers asking to publish my work in some sort of photo anthology, my work primarily ends up on book covers. It’s atmospheric and usually dark and foreboding so it works well for the crime, suspense and horror markets.


Stock photography is a hard market to succeed in, made even harder by microstock sites that pay next to nothing to their photographers. I shoot rights managed work and work with agencies that specialize in creative stock. Even so, in order to get one’s work noticed you must constantly and consistently upload new content. It’s challenging and draining, but you also have the advantage of shooting what you want when and where you please. It also helps to have really supportive, genuinely nice editors working with you.

Most of my work is available through Arcangel Images, Corbis Images and Trevillion Images.


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